Automatic Doughnut fryer

Machine Details

Complete stainless-steel construction

  • Drainboard – standard left side – optional right side
  • Cover the flap with the electrical drive as a fryer cover during baking or after work
  • Lifting and turning the device with an electrical drive as well as unloading the device with a drain
  • Touch Screen Panel computer control with memory for different baking programs.
  • Exact microprocessor controller and display of temperature
  • Safety thermostat
  • Swing Pan Dimensions 58 x 98 cm
  • Output per hour of about* 600 pieces
  • Width in closed position 1400 mm
  • Width in working position 2350 mm

Height 1410 mm

  • Depth 830 mm
  • Electrical input for heating 9,0 kW
  • Total electrical input 10,7 kW


Press Whip

  • Wax melting machine
  • E25/ E50
  • Air lock (Rotary valve)
  • Oiling belt
  • Boiler
  • Three Way Valve
  • Double jacketed pipeline
  • ROTARY-Table
  • Spiral cooler
  • Automatic Drying system
  • Trolleys
  • Continuous scrap mill
  • Cap Printing machine
  • Depositor
  • dough depositor
  • Cream depositor
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