Double Hygiene Entrance Unit Type D-HYU2-SB

Machine Details

made of Stainless Steel  316L upon request

  • 1st step: Hand Disinfestation Sanitizer side station:
  • Equipped with proximity sensor to detect hands presence & releases the sanitizer dose.
  • Equipped with a level sensor to detect the sanitizer’s low level in its container and signal it.
  • Equipped with Swiss-made Pump


  • 2nd step: Sole Cleaning Brushes ground station:
  • Equipped with heavy-duty 2-lane brushes along the unit length to clean the operator’s boots.
  • Equipped with an easy-cleaning mechanical system (Easy to remove & clean underneath).
  • Equipped with water jet nozzles underneath the brushes to keep the brushes wet.
  • Brushes are driven by a SEW drive motor.
  • Total brushes length 570mm


  • The unit has a lockable control panel to control the whole system.
  • The unit is equipped with an easy-access switch & a main electrical switch.
  • The unit is equipped with a safety magnetic switch on the brush gate to make the motor once it opens.
  • All electrical components are from Schneider Electric, all sensors are Italian & brushes are from India.
  • They are equipped with chemical dosing pumps.
  • Mixing the chemical dosage and water to spray it on the brushes.
  • Flow rates: from 0.4 to 110 l/h (Adjustable).
  • Max back pressure: up to 20 bar.
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