Continues Ball mill type DO1000

Machine Details

  • A continuous production chocolate kitchen machine, that’s capable of producing 1000 Kg/h of chocolate using powdered sugar max. 120 microns to obtain an end fineness of 20- 25 microns based on estimations depending on the recipe and ingredients.
  • The pre-mixed ingredients mass is pumped from external pre-mixer, entering from the bottom of the grinding vessel and the final product leaves from the outlet into the collecting vessel.
  • The refining action is accomplished by specially hardened steel balls rotating at different speeds by a shaft with agitating arms, moving the steel balls in the jacketed grinding tank to keep refining the product paste, till reaching the desired output chocolate fineness.

Product Collecting Vessel from ball mill outlet:

  • Stainless steel 304 jacketed tank
  • Net volume 500lt.
  • Manual operated 2-way valve
  • Jacketed stainless-steel piping
  • High/low-level system

Feeding / Discharge pumps:

  • One gear pump to feed the ball mill from the premix/dry conch, with adjustable speed.
  • A second gear pump to discharge the product from the collecting vessel, with its own drive.
  • Both pumps has capacity of 1500 Liters/h.


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