Enrobing Machines Model COVER (Single / Double Head)

Machine Details

  • Independent in-feed table.
  • Double jacketed internal mobile tank with forced water circulation and chocolate stirrer.
  • The internal tank is easily removable for cleaning purposes and chocolate color changing.
  • Separate temperature control with microprocessors for water and chocolate.
  • Air blower with adjustable speed and position.
  • Double-jacketed chocolate pump.
  • A double head design is available for low-fat cocoa masses and belt speed over 6 m/min, it provides two unbreakable chocolate curtains.
  • Capable of full or bottom enrobing.
  • Heated detailer with adjustable position and reversible rotation.
  • Wire mesh tensioning device and shaking device.
  • The machine is equipped with a heated detailer with own drive to remove the chocolate tail from the enrobed products.
  • Variable speed with an inverter.

Optional Add-on devices for COVER Enrobing Machines:

  • Touch Panel: with a PLC control equipped with a friendly interface.
  • Wire-Mesh Hold Down Device: keeps the products in their position and avoid the floating effect on light weight products that might lead to sticking to each other during full coating.
  • Roller Hold Down Device: Keeps the products in their position and avoid the floating effect on light weight products and also to provide uniform chocolate layer during bottom coating.
  • Roller Top Coating Station: For highly viscous products, top coating is done using a roller driven by separate drive with own frequency inverter & an engaged scraper to ensure a continuous chocolate film without bubbles.
  • Recycle Pump: The built-in tank can be linked to a recycling gear pump with a zero-drain outlet enabling it either to recycle the chocolate back to the tempering or simply draining it of the system.
  • Two Parallel Filters: To remove any scrap before the recycling pump, they are arranged in parallel to allow alternating continuous operation.
  • Inversing Device: with own drive and step-less adjustable speed for turning over chocolate bottomed articles. (The detailer has to be removed temporarily when the device is installed)
  • 5-Roll Device: The machine can be equipped with removable 5-roll device to remove completely the chocolate layer from the bottom for economical reason and leave only a transparent color, this device has own heaters and scrapers and replace the detailer which have to be removed temporarily when the device is installed.

Donwload as pdf :Enrobing Machines Model COVER (Single -Double Head)-pdf

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