Fat Melting Tanks

Machine Details

▪An ideal ratio between the height and the diameter to ensure the best heat exchange.
▪Single or Double jacketed steel or stainless steel walls
(304L or 316L Stainless steel).
▪Capacities till 5000 liters
▪A special well studied stainless steel agitator to move liquid from downward to upward and from the middle to the extremities for all the liquid molecules without breaking their adhesion.
▪Complete electrical water heating circuit with a control panel
▪A thick insulation layer covered with stainless steel sheets
(In case of Cladding option).
▪On the top the tank is covered by a removable
stainless steel cover.
▪The tank is equipped with a water pump for an open
circuit water circulation.
▪Three fixation arrangement are provided: the first two are for the maximum and the minimum fat level detector and the
third for the PT 100 probe.
▪A thermometer is installed to read out permanently the
fat temperature.
▪The tank is equipped with a drain gate.
▪Added on request a level control to visualize and control the
fat level inside the tank.
▪Fat melting grids heated by heating oil circuit at 90 degrees with heaters and oil pump.
▪Ability to melt till 300 Kgs/hr of fat Blocks.

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