Chocolate Storage Tanks type AWK

Machine Details

  • Double-jacketed tanks for chocolate melting and storage.
  • Available in full Stainless-Steel or Painted Steel with outer Stainless-Steel cladding.
  • Available in different sizes of 150 to 20000 Kg.
  • Our tanks have an ideal ratio between height and diameter to ensure the best heat exchange.
  • A special agitator is installed inside to move chocolate from downward to upward and from the middle to the extremities.
  • Tanks have a top cover with one fixed half and one hinged half acting like a door, this cover is equipped with a micro-switch to stop the agitator when opened.
  • A thermometer is installed to read out permanently the chocolate temperature.
  • Equipped with a drain gate and a water pump for an open circuit water circulation.
  • Equipped with an electric control panel.
  • Supplied with all needed accessories: Boilers, Double-jacketed chocolate pumps, double-jacketed 3-way valves, level testers, etc…
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