Ice-cream Enrober

Machine Details

– a stainless steel strong construction designed to meet all needs of enrobing ice cream with chocolate.
– equipped with two sanitary chocolate pumps having own gear drive for feeding to top and bottom stations.
– suitable for full coating of ice cream with real and compound chocolate
– chocolate is fed independently to the top coating station as well as the bottom coating station
– One top coating station designed as a curtain flow pan to ensure single or double continuous curtains (cannot be split by crumbles) and can be moved vertically as required
– Two bottom coating station equipped with a chocolate feed roll with own drive and frequency inverter and the chocolate wall is adjustable in height.
– Two separate wiremeshes driven by a single motor to ensure that product doesn’t stick to the wiremesh.
– The enrober is equipped with a powerful air blower and a blower knife adjustable in height and angle, the air speed is step less adjustable by an inverter
– The built-in chocolate tank as well as the chocolate feed pump and pipes are water jacketed and the water circulation is ensured by an appropriate water pump and a water tempering unit
– The chocolate level is controlled automatically with an incorporated level sensor which is controlling the function of the chocolate pump of the storing tank to feed automatically the enrober with chocolate
– The temperature adjustment and the speeds of all motors of the enrober are controlled by a PLC and through the touch panel situated on the enrober
– The cabin is equipped with open able transparent windows from the four sides and the ambient temperature inside is controlled by infrared heaters
– The wire mesh, made of high tensile strength steel is driven by own drive and frequency inverter for step less speed adjustment.

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