Chocolate decorators

Machine Details

  • A Stainless Steel constructed chocolate decoration device, oscillates in two different axes independently, transversally & longitudinally, so that by changing speed and frequency at the two axes, we obtain different patterns of the decoration, either zigzag, one loop or double loop patterns.
  • The device has also a special cleaning system with two filtration screens, used in a cycle, cleaning continuously the decoration chocolate to avoid any system blockage by product scraps, if any.
  • With this special cleaning system, there’s no need to unmount the system chocolate pipes for cleaning purposes from time to time.
  • The final decoration pipe is a simple pipe with holes without any needles, easy to be replaced for different product types.
  • The decorator is equipped with its heaters to keep the chocolate always hot and with its own control panel.
  • The decorator is designed to be a mobile device which enables it to be placed either inside the enrober at the outlet or on the decorating table at the entry of the cooling tunnel
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