High Performance Turbo Sugar / Spices Mill type CS

Machine Details

  • Turbo Sugar Mills powered by European made motors, with a rotating element (Rotor) totally free of friction and a stationary element (Stator) which is a ring sieve plate.
  • The rotor reaches a speed of 7500 rpm raising the pressure in the chamber to deliver sugar particles to explosion point then pushing them to pass the stator sieve holes allowing the desired size particles only.
  • Equipped with a feeding hopper.
  • Self-air-cooling stream provided by the intensive air flow through the grinding chamber, filtered through a cloth bag collecting the imported fine sugar.
  • The mill is mounted on a steel table allowing a free space underneath to attach a bag to collect the milled sugar.
  • Production capacity varies on request depending on the required micron of the milled sugar, with a minimum of 250 Kg/hr. on a perforation size of 1 mm as our standard.
  • Equipped with a separate electric control box with timers and all necessary equipment for soft starting.


An automatic feeding system can be supplied with the mill (type PSF to feed its hopper with sugar), fed from a hopper placed on the ground to facilitate discharging of sugar bags and ensure a regular feeding flow rate.

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