Powder mixers

Machine Details

  • Mixers made completely of Stainless Steel 304L (or 316L upon request).
  • Thick sides and powerful chassis to maintain mixing dense materials in large batches.
  • Bowl capacities range: 250 – 2400 liters.
  • Production capacities range:
    Batches of 17 – 2200 liters of powder depending on the mixing degree and material density.
  • Equipped with one agitating Stainless Steel spiral, formed of two interfering levels of spirals inversed to each other, one internal anticlockwise and one external clockwise, to ensure homogenous smooth mixing of your materials.
  • Powered by European made drive motors.
  • Equipped with microswitches to avoid working while open for safety.
  • Complete sealing for mixers covers and gates to handle very fine powders.
  • A mobile bin can be added on request with the mixer to handle the mixed powder easily.
  • Heavy structured platforms available on request to serve oversized mixers, including stairs and handrails.\

Donwload as pdf :powder-mixers pdf

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