Powder sifters

Machine Details

  • Stainless Steel sifters with diameters range of 600 to 1200 mm. (Custom sizes requests are accepted)
  • Works in 3D movement, with a special motor vibrating on two dimensions and set of springs vibrating on the 3rd axis to ensure best powder-sieving effect.
  • The sifter is equipped with 1 to 3 sieving stages offering 2 to 4 different powder sizes outputs.
  • Each output is equipped with a special hopper to facilitate the powder collection.
  • Each stage is easily removed for cleaning purposes (cleaning feature).
  • Sieving meshes are made of Stainless Steel and fixed with special locking rings for easy replacement.
  • Mesh holes diameters are chosen and confirmed by the client on a chart of the available mesh sizes and their corresponding sieving data, depending on the handled powder materials.



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